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SwissFungi is the national data and information centre for the documentation and conservation of the Swiss fungi flora. It is part of the Swiss information centre for species (InfoSpecies).


The aim of SwissFungi is to provide knowledge about the distribution, red list status and ecology of all fungi known for Switzerland (without the lichenized species of Switzerland - see Data Centre SwissLichens). The database hosted by SwissFungi serves as a basis for assessing the conservation status (e.g. red lists, priority species) of all fungal species known in Switzerland and provides important information on the occurrence of threatened species to the authorities. The distribution data from the database are presented for all species with an accuracy of 5x5 km in the publicly accessible distribution atlas. Our substrate list summarizes which saprophytic and parasitic fungal species are found on which plant genus.


Database news

  • Total number of mushrooms data: 721'200
  • Currently there are findings of a total of 10'399 mushroom species available.
  • The last 10 mushroom findings:
    Calocybe gambosa (16.05.2021), Coprinellus micaceus (16.05.2021), Flammulaster carpophilus (16.05.2021), Hydropus subalpinus (16.05.2021), Hypholoma fasciculare (16.05.2021), Inocybe queletii (16.05.2021), Morchella semilibera (16.05.2021), Mycena renati (16.05.2021), Mycena renati (16.05.2021), Ustulina deusta (16.05.2021),
  • Mushroom species found this year for the first time:
    Calosphaeria minima, Camarosporidiella robiniicola, Conocybe microrrhiza, Dialonectria quaternatae, Entyloma ranunculacearum, Melampsora helioscopiae, Nectria dematiosa, Phacellium alborosellum, Phacidium foliicola, Puccinia albescens, Puccinia bupleuri, Puccinia schroeteri, Pustula spinulosa, Trematosphaeria wegeliniana,
  • 11 endangered mushrooms found this year (number of findings in brackets):
    Entoloma plebejum (1), Gymnopus vernus (1), Hypoxylon howeanum (3), Inonotus cuticularis (1), Marasmius buxi (1), Nemania serpens (1), Peniophora polygonia (1), Peniophora proxima (2), Sarcodontia crocea (1), Sclerencoelia fascicularis (1), Steccherinum bourdotii (3),

Distribution atlas

Overview on frequency, substrates, altitude distribution, phenology and habitats of fungi in Switzerland.


Master thesis

Would you like to write a master thesis on fungi? Here you will find possible topics.