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Call for collecting Entoloma bloxamii

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The big blue pinkgill (Entoloma bloxamii) is a striking, rare species of meadows and pastures, a species that is not only on the Red List in Switzerland classified as "endangered".

In older determination literature, the species is often also listed under the name Entoloma madidum. The fact that the bold fungi fruit bodies with the blue hats often differ considerably in their colour tones can be figured from the pictures of these fungi on the Internet.

In Great Britain, the big blue pinkgill was included in a special species conservation project dedicated to rare and perhaps often overlooked species. Fruit bodies were examined morphologically as well as genetically. To the surprise of the mycologists involved, five genetically distinct groups were found in the study area, which can be interpreted as separate species: E. bloxamii s. str., E. madidum, E. ochreoprunuloides forma hyacinthinum and as newly described species E. atromadidum. The colour of the fruiting body has turned out to be an important morphological distinguishing feature of these five species.

Species descriptions and photos of the species can be found here.

Now, we would like to find out which species occur in Switzerland and ask therefore for your active assistance.

How can I join in?

  1. Photograph the fungus and the habitat while paying special attention to hat colours.
  2. Note location and find data as accurately as possible (e.g. with the help of the Smartphone application FlorApp)
  3. Halve the fungi fruit body and dry it on a dehydration instrument (eg. Dörrex).
  4. Send the dried specimen to Dr. Andrin Gross, WSL, Zürcherstr. 111, 8903 Birmensdorf (expenses will be refunded).