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Confidentiality of data

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All data in our distribution atlas are freely accessible to the public with an accuracy of 5 x 5 km. SwissFungi makes precise data available to the public authorities (national and cantonal and municipal authorities). With a formal application, precise data can also be passed on to other external users (NGOs, eco-offices, universities). The disclosure is governed by the guidelines regarding ownership, disclosure and use of observational data of InfoSpecies.

You have the possibility to determine a confidentiality level for your fungi records. This determines whether SwissFungi may pass on the precise coordinates or whether the data should be treated confidentially (with coordinates rounded to 1x1km or 5x5km).

The following confidentiality levels are available:

  1. Data without restriction (standard)
  2. Data with restriction (1x1km) except for public offices
  3. Data with restriction (1x1km)
  4. Data with restriction (5x5km)
  5. Locked data

Unless otherwise stated, SwissFungi assigns your data to level 1 (data without restriction). If you would like to change the level of your personal data, please contact us.

The name of the data reporter is also passed on in the case of data extracts because it belongs to a fungal record. Your private contact details will be treated confidentially by SwissFungi.