Most of the data in the SwissFungi database are provided by volunteers. You too can help us to further improve our distribution atlas and report your fungi findings to us. Your help is greatly appreciated and represents a valuable contribution to the conservation of fungi!

The FlorApp smartphone app allows you to record and report mushroom finds in detail. Finds that are entered via the smartphone also appear automatically in the InfoFlora online field book. Alternatively, you can also send us the data in a special Excel spreadsheet. If you are afraid of revealing to the wider public your boletus and morel spots, which have been kept secret for generations, please continue reading here.

We have launched calls for collecting species whose discovery data are of particular interest to us - such as the big blue pinkgill (Entoloma bloxamii) or the species Suillellus mendax. In addition, we want to close research gaps as part of so-called missions, for example on mushrooms in nature reserves.

Would you like to write a master thesis on the subject of fungi? You can find possible topics here.