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Mushroom inventory of a nature reserve in your region

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Haven't you ever felt the urge to trace the fungi in your favourite nature reserve? However, because you had previously observed the prohibition of entry, this wish has remained unfulfilled to this day. With this mission we would like to help you to fulfill your wish. A nationwide analysis (not published) has shown us that in most nature reserves of national importance there are practically no fungi records. With our mission "Fungi inventory of nature reserves" we would like to fill this gap. From a nature conservation point of view, it would make sense to know the fungi in our nature reserves better. Only in this way could the rare, priority fungi species be included in the conservation concepts and consequently better protection be guaranteed.

As part of the SwissFungi mission "Fungi inventory of nature reserves", we would like to help you obtain a permit for a nature reserve of your choice. However, as entering a nature reserve is sensitive for various reasons, such as the signal effect on the public or the sensitivity of the area, you undertake in return to adhere to precise rules.

Have we awakened your interest? Contact Andrin Gross.