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Species support measures are needed also for fungi but which among the over 6000 macro-fungi should be chosen? For many species, current protection measures are insufficient and their populations remain small, fragmented or decline further. By knowing the ecological requirements of individual species as precisely as possible, these can be promoted through targeted measures. The following instruments are available to filter out the species that most urgently need such support measures:


List of National Priority Species

A total of 2956 fungal species were evaluated for the list of Switzerland's National Priority Species, of which 934 species were classified as...


Environmental target species

The report "Environmental Objectives for Agriculture" contains target and lead species for fungi and a valuable list of where these species occur in...


Red List of endangered macrofungi

The red list of endangered macrofungi in Switzerland lists 937 species as endangered. It is based on the application of the internationally recognised...



Factsheets (in German) on the promotion of twelve species of fungi in Switzerland.