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Projects SwissFungi

Forest Reserve Monitoring Lodano

WSL is participating in a forest reserve monitoring project for fungi in the canton of Ticino. In addition to traditional fruiting body surveys by the canton of Ticino, SwissFungi will survey fungal diversity using eDNA from spore traps in the forest reserve of Lodano (TI).

Fungal and lichen communities in white-backed woodpecker territories

Is the White-backed Woodpecker an umbrella species - i.e. a species whose protection ensures the survival of the entire species community? In order to answer this question, the lichen and fungal diversity in known territories of the White-backed Woodpecker will be determined in addition to deadwood insects and breeding birds.

Action Plan for the Pink Waxcap

On behalf of the Canton of Bern, this project is developing an action plan for the protected and highly endangered Pink Waxcap (Hygrocybe calyptriformis).

Basics for the alien fungi of Switzerland

Within the framework of this long-term project, we collect data on alien fungi in Switzerland, advise the Confederation and the cantons, and develop basic principles for practical application.


Intraspecific genetic diversity is a component of biodiversity that is often overlooked. Therefore, GenDiB sets out to compile the basic principles for establishing a new database comprising data on genetic diversity in populations of wild species in Switzerland.

Fungi monitoring in the Jorat Nature Park

In collaboration with HAFL, SwissFungi is surveying the diversity of deadwood fungi in the Jorat Nature Park (VD), while HAFL is looking after the diversity of saproxylic beetles.

AMORE II: Species Monitoring of Beetles and Fungi in Spruce and Fir-Spruce Natural Forest Reserves

In this project, a species inventory of xylobiont beetles and fungi in spruce and fir-spruce natural forest reserves is carried out in comparison to managed stands. The monitoring has the aim to evaluate the effectiveness of forest reserves.

Revision of the Red List of the threatened fungi in Switzerland

The first Red List of Switzerland's macrofungi was published in 2007. Within the framework of this project, a reassessment of the threat levels of Swiss macrofungi is being carried out on behalf of the FOEN.

3000 Mushrooms - Book and App

The Swiss Fungus Data and Information Centre SwissFungi supports an innovative book and app project by Haupt Verlag and the mushroom book author duo Ruedi Winkler and Gaby Keller.