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If you should come across a neomycete (or another fungus), we would be very grateful for a report to SwissFungi. Data on the distribution and spread of a neomycete species represents a valuable basis for further research. Various options are available for reporting neomycetes (and other species). You will find an overview in our " Participate " section.

The simplest and quickest method is to use the smartphone app "FlorApp" (for Android and iOS). Since 2017, fungi can also be reported with this app, which is mainly used by botanists. The "FlorApp" automatically records coordinates without you having to locate the locality yourself on a map. You also have the possibility to attach photos to your records and to supplement them with valuable information on substrate and habitat. Further information can be found in our sub-categories "Smartphone Application" and "Online Field-Book InfoFlora".

Alternatively, there is also an easy-to-use online entry tool, for which you can create a profile here. Using this tool, all your own fungi records can be represented on a map or in a spreadsheet. In addition, you can download a Word form for single species records as well as an Excel template for larger amounts of data. Please do not use any Excel files you have created yourself, otherwise reading them into our database will be very time-consuming.

The Swiss Forest Protection (WSS) service also offers the possibility of either reporting tree diseases directly or having them diagnosed by means of a consultation and reporting form. The online diagnostic tool can also help to determine tree diseases.