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The Red List of endangered macrofungi in Switzerland

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The Red List of endangered macrofungi in Switzerland lists 937 species as endangered. It is based on the application of the internationally recognised IUCN criteria. In a project over several years, WSL staff members have collected data on the current and potential distribution of native fungal species as well as data on population size and fluctuations. Based on these data, the red list status was calculated.

The project has shown that at least 1876 species of fungi, including many edible mushrooms, are still common and widespread and do not need any protection measures. The Red List is an enforcement aid in species protection.

Also in other European countries there is a Red List for fungi (see box).


Protected species

12 fungal species are protected at national level (see Ordinance on the Protection of Nature and Cultural Heritage). This prohibits "the unauthorised picking, digging, pulling out, leading away, offering for sale, selling, buying or destroying, in particular by technical means, of wild plants of the species listed in Annex 2".